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Teaching innovations
In Paris Kitsis English School respecting the diversity of each student we have created a teaching program which covers the learning needs of each one of them. The teaching approach that we have adopted functions in step with the traditional teaching methods and the most modern audiovisual means such as the interactive boards, the computers (laptops), DVD, CD in all rooms. With the combination of sound, picture and action we help our students even from the first grades to comprehend and to speak the foreign language.
Since its foundation our school develops each new technology creatively and with gravity. For us, this does not constitute a matter of publicity, but a matter of substance. We belong to those Centres of Languages in Greece that first included the interactive boards, an important tool in our school daily life , using this new technology for all levels, in all rooms. The lesson plan is based on the use of modern technological equipment, which is greatly used by both our professors and students. We use Video and DVD in order to watch films and foreign serials helping students get used to hearing a foreign language and various types of speech, thus improving their communication possibility. Multimedia and Computer Lab contribute considerably to the audio-visual reviving of the lesson . The students watch the stories they read in their texts come to life before them, they are given the possibility of influencing their development, while with the use of the internet they make use of the foreign language in order to find information they need for the lesson thus improving their dexterities without substantially realizing it.
The most important thing of live teaching and use of technology in our course is the Smart Board or differently the Interactive Board. In a time when each child grows up with a computer knowing how to handle electronic appliances from the moment they begin to walk and when all sorts of electronic gadgets is an integral piece of his daily life, the use a blackboard in the course is at least anachronistic. The interactive board is a tool that helps the professor realize a more direct and more effective lesson. The results are evaluated instantly. As regards the student, they are given the possibility of intervening in all the exercises and of locating new ways of solution or errors of carelessness soon. With the Smart Board the exercises look like electronic games that each student tries to terminate, with knowledge as a reward!
For many years we have been using the pioneering multimedia system of repetition/study of the English Language, belt study system, company of our group, Binary Logic. One hour a week, each student has his own PC in the Computer Room, where:
sign he revises the lesson he has been taught with personalized work, aiming at his weaknesses and particularities.
sign he economizes on time which he would spend studying and revising at home
sign he is guided by the schoolteacher to learn how to study on his own and depend on his abilities
sign he learns how to study a chapter in English the right way
sign he listens to authentic dialogues and texts from native speakers
sign he reads and listens to the grammar theory
sign he practices lots of different grammar, vocabulary, listening and spelling exercises
sign he reads at least one literary book his level each year
sign he has direct evaluation of his record from his computer and schoolteacher
sign he is prepared for the examinations that he will take
Additional benefits packet for the examination classes (with no extra fees).
1 Practice in Computer Laboratories (each week)
2 Additional Practice in the Acoustic/Listening Part of Examination (each week)
3 Simulation Tests of the Official Written Examinations (each week)
4 Simulation of Official Oral Examinations (each week)


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