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Our Philosophy
In Paris Kitsis English School we have been teaching the English language for more than 35 years. People’s preference for us all these years is far from being accidental! Since 1976 we have been teaching English in such a way, that the student learns easily, fast and for good. Our philosophy won’t allow us to apply tactics of simple memorisation of rules of grammar and vocabulary and mechanic repetition of final certificate exercises. Our objective is mainly to get each student to love us, to love our place, and afterwards to get the degree that they are interested in, and at the same time to love and to be able to use the foreign language as fluently as possible.
A student, who attends Paris Kitsis English School, can be sure of his success in the examinations at least one year earlier than any other school - with only 5 or 6 teaching hours a week, even for Proficiency, in just 9 months (and not in 2 years –time needed in all other schools around Greece) without extra classes during Christmas and Easter holidays. Holidays belong to children. Students therefore save money and time!!
How is that?
That is because we personally get all those things ready, things that students would need innumerable hours and days of laborious work in order to prepare themselves, and because we offer our students a 35-year-old systematic work, technological organization, experience and personal books.
Our objectives
In Paris Kitsis English School we aim at: helping the children to prepare themselves the right way for the future and to dynamically enter the job market. To achieve this they should acquire correct supplies. Learning a foreign language is one of these supplies. Our fundamental aim is get children to love the language, to make it their own the easier way and to quickly familiarize themselves with the oral and written speech.
Our classes
Our classes consist of students of strictly the same age, common level of knowledge and free time, so that homogeneity and smooth flow of learning consolidation are achieved. Naturally, there are separate classes for children, adolescents, adults and even for businessmen. The syllabus is adapted to the needs of the classes and it is harmonized with what most recent and efficient material the domestic and international bibliography offers.


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